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  This old house was only a few blocks from the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. All the neighborhood cats lived in the basement during the winter. The house has long since been torn down, but in 1972 there were AR2ax speakers in the front room, and a lot of good music was heard there.

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June 4, 2013

Banks and governments

We thought we had a deal with our bank. We are sometimes travelling and using our bank card quite a lot; we buy stuff on the Internet, we pay some of our bills online, and so on; now it turns out that there is a federal regulation that permits

a maximum combination of third party transactions per statement period...Although we recognize that customers occasionally lose track of how many transactions have been authorized, the Federal Reserve does expect us to enforce this requirement. 

This has to do with the savings account, which pays interest. If we have too many "third party" transactions, so that the bank transfers money to our checking account from the savings account, the feds object. Get a load of that. The Federal Reserve "expects" the bank to enforce this regulation? Requirement? What is it? What if they didn't "enforce" it? Last month we were travelling for nearly two weeks, staying in hotels, eating out and so on, and the bank is not allowed to give us the service we expect?

I was on the phone with the bank today, and all we have to do is give up the interest. Less than half of one percent. Geez, we planned on retiring on that. I am beginning to see why so many people are joining Tea Parties nowadays.


June 4, 2013

At the governor's mansion

At the governor's mansion

We went to Harrisburg on Saturday, where Ethne spoke to a crowd of supporters of the restoration of the gardens at the governor's residence. She is on the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and here she is with Pennsylvania's first lady Susan Corbett, who is a keen gardener, and Drew Becher, the president of PennHort. A good time was had by all.