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  This old house was only a few blocks from the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. All the neighborhood cats lived in the basement during the winter. The house has long since been torn down, but in 1972 there were AR2ax speakers in the front room, and a lot of good music was heard there.

«Jun 2013»

In the 21st century I am just as opinionated as ever, and I now have an outlet. I shall pontificate here about anything that catches my fancy; I hope I will not make too great a fool of myself. You may comment yea or nay about anything on the site; I may quote you here, or I may not. Send brickbats etc. to:


June 5, 2013


"I wish to make a pleasant object. I think any work of art is external to oneself. It's the making of something, whether it's a bed table or a book."     

      --Novelist Evelyn Waugh, interviewed by the BBC in 1953


June 5, 2013


Whenever I buy anything over the Internet, PayPal intrudes, telling me that I have an account with them, which I do not. They recognize my computer and assume that I am my son, though my son has never used this computer. When I try to communicate with them, the message is "We want to answer your question, but you emailed us from an unconfirmed address." But it's the address I use when I am buying something over the Internet. If they hurry they might be able to fly up their own butt.